• The app adds two icons to your apps drawer, one for the gallery and one for the camera.
  • Fast picture mode allows you to take pictures very quickly but only at the preview resolution and without flash.
  • On some devices the flash doesn’t work if focus mode is set to ” continuous”, set it to “auto” instead.
  • On some Motorola phones autofocus doesn’t work with the default preview settings. Change the preview size to 640×480.
  • To delete multiple photos, long press on a photo in “grid” mode in the gallery. You can then select more photos by clicking on each one before selecting delete.
  • Snap gives you a lot of control of the camera settings, in some cases it may be possible that a combination of settings is not compatible with your hardware and Snap doesn’t start. To reset the settings to their defaults do the following: In the phone’s settings menu select Apps(or Applications..Manage Applications on Android 2.3)..Downloaded..Snap..Clear data.

Android Camera App