hdr  Enable or disable HDR mode
torch  Flash is always on (torch mode)
flash on  Flash will always be used when taking a photo
auto flash  Flash will be used in low light
flash off  Flash will never be used
ic_flash_redeye  Redeye reduction

  White balance for cloudy conditions 
  White balance for sunshine
  Auto white balance
  White balance for fluorescent light
  White balance for incandescent lighting
btn_menu_white_normal  Settings menu (or more settings on controller)
contrast  Change contrast
  Change exposure compensation
  Change saturation
ic_sharpness_holo_light  Change sharpness
ic_brightness  Change brightness
ic_cam_settings   Open photo settings submenu
  Grid on/off
  Self timer
  Panorama mode
ic_raw  Raw mode

  Stable shot

  Shutter sound is silent
  Shutter sound is not silent
  Burst mode
  Fast mode is off
  Fast mode is on
   Autofocus mode
ic_focusmode_continuous   Continuous focus mode
ic_focusmode_fixed   Fixed focus mode

ic_focusmode_infinity   Infinity focus mode
ic_focusmode_macro   Macro focus mode
ic_focusmode_mw_continuous   Smart focus mode (for LG g2/3)
ic_focusmode_manual   Manual focus mode
ic_lowlight   Low light mode
ic_autolowlight   Auto low light mode
ic_imagesize  Change picture size
ic_switch_photo_facing_holo_light   Switch camera

ic_ghost   Ghost previous shot
ic_horizon   Horizon indicator
ic_metering_area_average   Frame average metering
ic_metering_area_centre   Center weighted metering
ic_metering_area_spot   Spot metering
ic_zebra  Zebra patterning
ic_sce_off  No scene mode
ic_cropping_off  Enable/disable preview cropping
ic_viewfinder_gps_off  Don’t store location in photo
ic_viewfinder_gps_no_signal  Location not yet available
ic_viewfinder_gps_on  Location has been obtained
camsettings  Open Settings menu

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